If you would like to hire me for contract or freelance work, please send me an email. If you would like to inquire about my availability for full-time positions, please check out my LinkedIn profile.
Photo by Stephen Donnelly // https://www.instagram.com/sdonnelly543/
Born and raised on rock and roll and baseball, I took a sharp left turn into artisthood somewhere in the late 2000s and I've never looked back. I have a mind tailor-made for sports, with equal parts tactical planning and split-second decision-making, which I put to excellent use in choosing which restaurant to eat at when I go out.
I went to the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Boston, MA for a few years for illustration and graphic design, where I discovered 3D art and games programming. That led me to transfer to Fitchburg State University to get a Bachelor of Science in Game Design.
I have worked in robotics, mobile AR games, VR games, film, and medical training, in roles spanning technical art, 3D modeling, animation, social media management, graphic design, and even finance and funding outreach. 
I like to make clothes, solder electronics, play music, and brew beer. I like learning languages. I really like coffee. I do not like running, but I do it anyway. I'm tall, but not that tall. I'm thin, but not that thin. I'm really good at learning, but really bad at tests.
My favorite bands: Bear Ghost; The Venetia Fair; Reign of Kindo; Kamelot
My favorite foods: Sushi-grade tuna; Korma; Ma-po tofu; Poutine
My favorite games: Bravely Default; Mass Effect; Talisman; Dungeons and Dragons
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