Tactical strategy in a mycelial grid space. It's you against the mushrooms... Global Game Jam 2023.

Interloper is a tactical strategy game developed in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2023. Play as a rogue, masked mushroom creature and defeat the enemy. Collect masks that increase your power, and discover the truth about your existence...
Shaders - Implemented, heavily modified, and cleaned up multiple shaders. Wrote several from scratch for version 2, including a custom renderer, 
Animation Systems - Designed, coded, and implemented all the animation systems and associated hooks using custom state and event systems.
Engineering - Designed and implemented multiple core mechanics, running shotgun for the whole jam to fill gaps in our engineering workload.
Project management - This is the largest Game Jam team I've ever worked on, with 11 members. Coordinating them and the project while remaining useful was a challenge, but extremely gratifying. I also managed the Game Jam site and worked alongside Global Game Jam staff to ensure a successful game jam.

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