A platformless platformer, designed and created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2022.

Play as a cat in a world where the sun is death, and there are mysterious beings hell-bent on hurting you. Stay out of the sunlight and make it to safety.
Shaders - Working with another technical artist, I developed the shader we used for all 3D assets
Animation Systems - Implemented an animation system using Unity's Mecanim, with some scriptable animation pipeline adjuncts
Animation - Maya
Asset integration
Project Management - Coordinated a team of 8 
The shader that every 3D asset uses is custom HLSL. It is a 3-pass shader with no transparency support that draws a customizable outline around a mesh.
It implements a cell-shaded lighting model that accepts lighting data as input to determine the color of the outline and occluded draw. By default, it is white when not being hit by direct light, and black when being hit by direct light. It adds a highly dynamic look and feel to the game, and performs well in the relatively small levels of Scorch.
It also has a custom depth draw that draws the object in relief when the camera is intersecting with an object, rather than blocking out the camera view.

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