Wedding Skirt

My sister's wedding was in the summer, so I decided to make the outfit I was going to wear.

While this is not the first sewing project I have undertaken, it is certainly the most ambitious and time-sensitive, since I had only a few weeks to complete it before I had to be on an airplane, which typically do not have sewing machines.

An extremely comprehensive initial sketch. That is a joke, this is just reference to cement the idea as I started to draw up the pattern in Marvelous Designer.

The final pattern in Marvelous Designer. I tried to learn CLO3D for this, but I was on a time crunch so I ended up switching back to MD and not including a seam allowance so the garment would sit on the model better. It still did not work that well.

My concerns about the design were compounded when I made the pockets in Marvelous Designer. They would not sit flat, which led me to think that I had fundamentally made a mistake. It was at this point that I purchased a backup outfit.

Some progress on the panels that contain the pockets. Pleating denim is difficult, but they still came out better than the Marvelous Designer version. It turns out that having real gravity and a steam iron can pretty much force your fabric to do whatever you want it to.

As the initial sketch requests, the pockets are HUGE. I also opted to make them more horizontal than the Marvelous Designer model. Not because I messed up the pattern. Conscious decision. Whiskey (shown) optional, but recommended.

Hems. Amirite?

A photo of my partner and I at the wedding. A resounding success, and also we are very cute.

I did eventually make the shirt from the original design. Here I am looking very pleased about it.

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