Automatic Rig Cleanup (PyMEL)

Pipeline improvement tool that scrubs FBX files in Maya and prepares them for game engine integration

This tool is built to eliminate the monotony of preparing character animations for game engine readiness. Given a folder, it can batch process an unlimited number of FBX files. It is built specifically for the organization's rigging and animation pipeline within which it exists, and as such is extremely effective at its job. It skims unnecessary data, re-organizes the hierarchy of the object to conform with game engine requirements, bakes animation to the correct FPS, cleans up non-deformer data, and exports the new animations files to a "processed" directory, where they are 100% ready for game engine implementation.
PyMEL in Maya 2020 video example:

The tool is extensively commented and handles errors comprehensively. In addition to the processed files, the utility also outputs an error log every time it is run, if errors were found.

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