Big Joe Dice Bot (Python)

A Discord bot to aid in all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons-related tasks, named after Big Joe, PhD, a brilliant philosopher who also happens to be a pig.

When companies cracked down on copyright, lots of popular bots went offline. As a response, I learned how to build them. This particular bot is a quality of life assistant for pandemic-era Dungeons and Dragons players. He can roll any number of any kind of dice with any set of modifiers, using an intuitive command structure.
The bot is also equipped with a number of modules that I built to make dungeon puzzles more interactive and visual. This puzzle is a "switch puzzle", where the goal is to have all the switches set to O. Each numbered switch toggles several of the "lights".
The bot is sociable, friendly, and responsive. He also has a feature where, if you "oink" at him too much, he shuts himself down. Don't bully Big Joe.

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